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Glade Valley Athletic Association

Track & Field

GVAA Walkersville Track Club

Our Goal

To help build up the High School program by preparing our athletes for the next level of track & field competition.  Our program is all about the kids! 

Our Philosophy

1. To teach the fundamentals of track and field. 
2. For our athletes to be competitive but also have fun. 
3. To create an atmosphere of team unity among mixed age groups. 

Program Details

- Ages:  4 to 18
- Registration Fees $100.00 and includes a performance shirt for each athlete to wear during the meets; discounts for siblings
- 6 & Under Registration Fee $70.00
- Pre-Season (before track meets begin) practices are planned for Wednesday and Friday  from 5:30-6:30 at WHS, and on Saturday's during the month of March from 12:00-1:00
*Weekday practices may change depending on the availability of the high school track*

-Practice after the first track meet will continue on Wednesday and Friday at WHS from 5:30-6:30

**Heritage Farm Park  (HFP) will be used as a backup practice location.**
All track meets are held on Sunday's


First week in March: 
Parent meeting will be early March. Date TBS
First Practice:  March 16, 2022 *pending approval
First Meet: TBS (Early April)
Home Meets:  May 1, 2022 & May 22, 2022 *pending approval

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Questions?  Contact Coach Amy, Kelly & Krista at [email protected] 

Athlete Profiles/RecordsGVAA T&F

Team Gear can be purchased before the season starts Click on the following link to view uniforms and fan Gear.


Please note that purchasing this gear is NOT required, athletes may wear the t-shirts provided with registration to all track meets

Enhanced Policies and Procedures due to COVID-19

PLEASE NOTE: As our understanding of COVID-19 and best practices changes, so might the information in this guide. We will keep customers as up to date as possible with changes. 

COVID-19 and Programming: In this guide, you will find all the ways GVAA Track & Field is working to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure. However, it is important that participants, parents/guardians, staff, and friends realize that we cannot guarantee that there will be no exposure to COVID-19. As you will read, we’re screening participants and staff, cleaning and sanitizing, and changing a lot of our policies to make sure the risk is as low as possible, but there’s always a chance of exposure. 

COVID-19 RESPONSE TEAM: If you have questions about COVID-19 and our program, please contact our Coaches by email at [email protected]    

HIGHER RISK: We recommend that higher-risk participants consult their medical provider to assess the risk before attending. For more information, on how to better protect high risk individuals from COVID-19 visit the CDC Website. 

PROGRAM OFFERINGS: Please carefully review the information below. It is possible that our health and safety policies will change (either enhanced or relaxed) as new guidance from the Health Department and/or the CDC becomes available. GVAA Track & Field is committed to keeping our network informed and will issue updates to our policies as they develop. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER: For a forecasted weather event including heavy rain, strong storm, and/or adverse heat conditions, a decision will be made on the status of the program prior to any practice or meet. In the event of questionable weather, please contact your coaches with any concerns.   

REFUND POLICY: If a participant is unable to continue in a program due to illness or exposure related to Covid-19, they will receive a credit that is pro-rated based on the number of days that is missed of the GVAA Track & Field program. The participant may request a refund of the credit via email at [email protected]   

 HOME HEALTH SCREENING: Prior to arrival, we request that parents screen for symptoms of Coronavirus daily. A full list of symptoms can be found here on the CDC website. If you or your child are exhibiting symptoms, has been in close contact with someone that has COVID-19 (or is displaying symptoms), they will be advised to home isolate and may return to our programs after 14 days of having no symptoms. 

WHAT TO BRING: Face coverings:  Our policy will mirror that of FCPS when outside, however, when participants are in a shared space or unable to physically distance (such as the bathroom, or spectator area) we will require all to wear a face covering. Please use the CDC’s guidelines for cloth face coverings as a resource in your decision making.

EquipmentTo limit sharing of equipment, we ask that all participants provide their own personal items (water bottles, towels etc.) that is clearly labeled with their names. Player’s personal items and belongings should be kept separate from others and not shared.

WHAT NOT TO BRING: In consideration of the health and safety of our staff and participants we are asking that children leave sports equipment at home. Any needed equipment will be provided by GVAA Track & Field and sanitized before and after each practice/game. 

I. Face Coverings and Physical Distancing

i. Every participant (players/parents/officials/spectators) must have a face covering with them and wear it when physical distancing of 6 feet minimum cannot be maintained. Players, officials and coaches must wear face coverings when not actively engaged in a competition.

ii. Limiting the interaction between team to team will be coordinated through scheduling, length of time in between practices/meets, and removing or limiting communal equipment. Communal water WILL NOT be provided.  No team huddles and team cheers will be permitted.

iii. Ensuring physical distancing during non-playing time: once the practice/meet is over, all athletes, coaches and officials must leave the field immediately and wear face coverings if physical distancing cannot be maintained. There will be no group huddles or team tents. Teams are not permitted to high five, hug, nor celebrate in close proximity to each other.

iv. Spectator areas, all attendees must maintain 6’ of distance between non-family members or wear face covering at all times.

II. Equipment 

i. Hand Sanitizer will be available at each field location.

ii. Communal equipment such as water jugs, benches, etc. will be removed entirely.

iii. All athletes, coaches and officials sanitize hands with hand sanitizer before each practice/meet and after each practice/meet.

iv. During times when players are not actively participating in competition, attention should be given to maintaining physical distancing by increasing space between players on the sideline.

v. Players must only drink from their own water bottles.

vi. Required Equipment: Throwing equipment, hurdles, batons etc. will be sanitized before the start of the practice/meet and then sanitized after each use, and then again at the end of the practice/meet. 

POSSIBLE EXPOSURE: Administration will implement risk assessment strategies and communicate quickly and openly to parents in the event of any suspected or confirmed exposure to COVID-19. In the situation of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case please notify your coaching staff as soon as possible.

We hope this guide has been helpful! If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Amy, Kelly and Krista at [email protected] Thank you for your support!

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