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2021 Fall Cheer Updates

The GVAA Cheer Board continues to monitor COVID-19 health metrics, news and updates from the Frederick County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In conjunction with GVAA Board Member consultation, COVID-19 feedback will guide future decisions. We highly encourage all families to follow COVID-19 guidelines from the Frederick County Health Department and the CDC.
Stay Safe and Healthy!

Cheer Registration
On-line Fall Registration
 - May 1st - August 10th
(Flag, Mini-Pony, Pony, JV and Varsity)
Cheer Registration

Winter On-line Registration (Basketball Cheer) (Pending Winter Sports Announcement)
(October 1 - November 15)
JV - 6th through 7th
Varsity - 7th through 8th

[email protected]

GVAA Cheerleading

OUR MISSION: GVAA Cheer aims to unite the community and fans in support of GVAA athletics. As athletes, GVAA cheerleaders motivate and entertain the crowds and promote good sportsmanship. GVAA Cheer builds youth of courage, confidence and character. GVAA Cheer fosters a successful learning environment, making anything possible.

It's always a good time when you're cheering for the Walkersville Lions!  It is indeed our pleasure to be a part of the wonderful hands-on character building program for young cheerleading in our community. Without a doubt, youth involved in sports become better students, more confident individuals and will become tomorrow's business and community leaders. 

One of the greatest contributions of our cheer program is providing a quality program for young cheerleaders while teaching them teamwork, confidence and a sense of responsibility that they will carry with them throughout their lifetime. Coaches contribute much time and energy to our young cheerleaders so that Walkersville youth football and basketball games are always sure to be fun, enthusiastic and exciting events!  We want our Lions to Go-Fight-Win!


Commissioner's Corner

Is your son or daughter thinking about trying out for cheerleading?  Here are a few reasons why you should encourage them (excerpt from The Top 8 Reasons to Try Out for Cheer:

1.  Tryouts are a chance to be brave. Yes, it is a little nerve-wracking to get up and perform in front of people, but you will feel such a rush during your performance and a sense of accomplishment after! 
2.  You'll gain confidence. Being brave will give you confidence. Even if you try and put yourself out there, it will give you the confidence to try other things you might like. Confidence comes from taking action and trying new things, not from doing things flawlessly. 
3.  You might fall in love with cheer. If this is your first time trying out for a cheerleading squad, you might discover that cheerleading is a great fit for you. If you don't try out, you could miss discovering a new passion. You never know! 
4.  You might be great at it. What if you end up being an amazing cheerleader? You never know unless you try! Even if you've cheered before and aren't sure if it's something you really want to dedicate yourself to, a new team dynamic could bring out a different side of you and you could really excel.
5.  You'll make new friends. Teammates are the best friends you'll ever have. On the team, you'll have a second family that you won't be able to imagine living without.  They could be lifelong friends.
6.  Cheerleading has health benefits. Staying active, working on your flexibility, having fun, and enjoying social interaction are all key elements of a healthy lifestyle. Cheerleading is good for your body, mind, and soul! 
7.  You'll be more involved in your community. Being a cheerleader gives you a prominent role in your school. You'll be responsible for raising school spirit and supporting school teams, and you'll get to be a positive influence on your classmates through pep rallies, fundraisers, and other community events.
8.  Cheerleading teaches you valuable lessons. All sports can develop and solidify good habits and characteristics in athletes, but cheerleading does this to an even greater extent. Not only do you learn about  working hard, winning and losing, and sportsmanship, but you also focus a lot on helping other people, whether by raising spirit or giving back to your community.

Practice Times

2021 Practice Schedule 
Arrival Times

Cheer runs practice in parallel with GVAA Football. Currently, practice is set to start:
July 26, 2021: Monday - Thursday: 6-8PM 
(Flag Squad Practice Times will be abbreviated: 6-7PM) 
Practice Location: New Red Building and Surrounding Lawns at Heritage Farm Park

After School begins - Practice falls back to two nights a week: Tues and Thursdays.
Weekly Games are held on Saturdays at Heritage Farm Park and surrounding communities. Coaches will provide squad meet-up/location and times prior to each game via TeamSnap.

Important Mentions:
» Practice is outside, on the lawns surrounding the New Red Building at Heritage.
» Athletes need to wear bug spray (there are a lot of gnats at Heritage). 
» Bring water in labeled bottle with athlete's name.
» Medications must be given to the coach prior to practices & games in a ziplock baggie, labeled with athlete's name.
» Hair must be in a high ponytail, no jewelry (earrings, piercings, necklaces, rings, etc.), long or fake nails.

» We highly discourage the athletes from bringing valuables to practices/games as there is not a secure place to store them.
» Coaches/Board Members and Volunteers are not responsible for any lost/stolen items.

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Contact Info

Commissioner: Christal Ringrose
President: LaRae Harrison
Vice President: Carrie Amoriell
Treasurer: Christal Ringrose
Secretary: Amanda Bowen
Ways and Means: Team Effort
Inventory: LaRae Harrison
Event Coordinator: Megan Howk
Members at Large: Gemma Corley, Kimberly Roelke

We are actively looking for help on the GVAA Cheer Board!
If you're interested or would like to sit in on one of our meetings, please let us know.
We would love to have you on our Team!

[email protected]


Coach Information

(2nd MP Coach is Needed - Please contact us if interested!)

Flag: Chelsey Toms
Mini Pony: 
Lindsey Peterson
Andrea Morgan
Carrie Amoriell & Stephanie Yoingco
Megan Howk
Jr. Coaches will be assigned to all squads

» Once practice begins, communication will move to TeamSnap. Parents will be able to communicate directly with their squad's coaches. We are targeting for all families to have access to TeamSnap by the first game in August. At that time, if you do not have access, please email us or let your coach know. TeamSnap will be utilized to send out alerts on uniform attire, game updates, cheer events, etc. 


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Glade Valley Athletic Association

P.O. Box 302 
Walkersville, Maryland 21793

Email Us: [email protected]
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